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Blane Ashby

Blane has been practicing and studying Pilates since 1998 and was certified through the Ellie Herman Pilates Institute in 2002. From 2003 to present has been a Master Instructor of the Teacher Training Instructor Program (TTIP) at the Ellie Herman Pilates Institute acting as co-head of the program. In 2007, he became a Balanced Body Master Instructor. Though he now calls Portland his home, he currently is the Director of Educational Programming and Lead Master Instructor at EHS Pilates Studio in San Francisco. As an educator, Blane has trained instructors locally, across the United States and internationally. His students have gone on to great success and now teach all over the globe. He also has had the honor and pleasure of contributing to many of Balanced Body’s curriculum developments and presenting at Balanced Body’s highly acclaimed Pilates On Tour (POT). Blane co-owned Parkside Pilates in San Francisco (with Lizz Roman) from 2005 - 2017. Along with one-to-one fitness training he specializes in injury prevention and recovery. Blane has had much success in assisting and creating programs for clients in their post recovery and injury prevention goals. Blane also teaches Pilates based group classes. His popular classes promote a non-competitive atmosphere while challenging the student to reach their fullest potential. Focus of the classes include precision, control, stability, core strength, increasing flexibility all the while promoting enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. Pilates can be quite challenging but should be fun too!



Mat -Mixed with 5-Blane

  • Blane is GREAT! Best Pilates class I've been to.
  • Best Pilates mat class. Great instructor
  • Great core workout!
  • Blane is excellent. Clear cues, hands-on corrections, attention to form, wry sense of humor. I appreciate that the class follows a consistent pattern from week to week so that I can focus on honing form.
  • Blane is an excellent instructor, giving very clear cues and adjustments. Also has a sense of fun sense of humor.
  • Class moves at a measured pace with plenty of modifications to challenge any level.
  • Blane is an excellent instructor - very knowledgable and a sweet sense of humor. Clear, technical cues, hands-on corrections, and a challenging but fun class.
  • Blane provides a challenging class with lots of helpful corrections and cues. He is both technical and funny. Terrific.
  • One of the best Pilates instructors I've ever encountered

Springboard/Mat - Mixed with 5-Blane

  • The best core workout ever
  • I was new to the practice and Blane was very helpful in correcting my form. Will take it again!
  • Blane is professional, knowledgeable, and a strong instructor. I love that his class routines are consistent so you can gauge progress over time.
  • Great class! Blaine is a fun and educated teacher.
  • Technical, challenging pace and movements with strong instruction.
  • Love Blane's humor, experience, and anatomical awareness as he guides the class.
  • Blane was a great instructor! Attention to detail, sweet and funny.
  • Blane is smart, technical, and fun. He gives excellent guidance and posture adjustments.
  • Blane is just terrific. Technical, smart, informative, and funny!

Springboard/Mat - Intermediate with 5-Blane

  • excellent instructor
  • Love it. Hard and lots of adaptability for people like me.
  • Amazing class, Blaine's class moves quickly and is packed full of intense exercise. I don't often sweat during Pilates and I sweat in this class!


Mat 1

Thank you for all the time and energy I know has gone into creating such a great, comprehensive program. The materials are so helpful in supporting the transition from Pilates student to Pilates teacher. I have worked with Blane as a student; and feel extraordinarially lucky to be able to begin my teacher training with him. His focus and dedication to the craft of Pilates and his exceptional teaching skills are unparalleled! Thank you! 

Mat 2

Another excellent Mat Module with Blane - I am truly enjoying my Pilates journey through this program - thank you for providing such a great, comprehensive experience!

Reformer 1

Blane Ashby is an incredible and wonderful teacher. He was very knowledgeable about content matter and fun to work with. We wish he can come back for the reformer 2 training! 

Blane was exceptional focused, entertaining, evidently committed to giving us a thorough experiential and practical application of pilates methodology. I really enjoyed him as an instructor and hope to network with him in the future.

Reformer 2/Pilates Arc

Blane Ashby is simply a fantastic teacher. He is patient, yet to the point and it made the material smooth well. You can tell he is very knowledgeable in his line of work.

Blane was a wonderful instructor -- extremely knowledgeable and personable.

Reformer 3

Blane was yet another dynamic and helpful instructor. Suggestions were great!

Blane Ashby at EHS Pilates in San Francisco, CA is the perfect teacher for the Reformer 3 module. He has so much energy and he makes the difficult repetoire fun. He is so knowledgeable and has had a tremendous amount of experience. It was valuable to me to have him as a teacher.

Pilates Arc

Great course! I'm so excited to integrate the arc into my home program! Blane is wonderful!!

Blane is fantastic and very thorough in his presentation of the material. It was a blast and I loved the arc on the reformer exercises...Yay! 

EHS Class was great, Blane is a great teacher, very helpful and informative.