Video Tour of the Reformer

Blane takes you on a tour of the Reformer so you can feel comfortable and confident taking a Reformer Group Class or a Private.

Single Leg Stretch - Mat

Single Leg Stretch is part of the mat abdominal series. Great for pelvic stability and gaining core control. I’m executing this with an imprinted spine. Outside hand reaches for the ankle of the leg that is being pulled towards my center. Perform with a steady, reasonable, and controlled rhythm.

The Combo Chair

Hamstring 3 also known as Up Stretch, Handstand, etc. This is a challenging exercise to say the least. To make it more assistive, place your hands towards the back (further from the pedal) of the chair pad or increase the spring weight. To increase the challenge, move your hands towards the front (closer to the pedal) of the chair pad, or decrease the weight, or take one foot off of the pedal - or all three! Be sure that you control the springs and the springs don’t push you or throw you into th

The Ladder Barrel

The Ladder Barrel is a fantastic apparatus that you can perform both spinal flexion and spinal extension on. Here are just three exam

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